Spirit of Agreement

Spirit of Agreement


We, the Church of Columbus, affirm a Gospel community that is a visibly united and sustainable movement of the Holy Spirit. As unique congregational ministries, specialty ministries, and marketplace ministries, we commit to the transformation of our city by sharing and proclaiming Jesus Christ, pursuing justice and reconciliation, presenting a faithful public witness, demonstrating biblical generosity, and building authentic relationships across all cultural boundaries. 


GOSPEL VISION (“… Jesus is Lord and Christ” Acts 2:14-41) 

We affirm a Gospel community that is rooted in the whole counsel of God, consistent with the Gospel foundation of the first disciples and other historical city-wide Christian expressions, and which is: 

1. CHRIST-CENTERED - We proclaim the life, death, resurrection and return of the Lord Jesus Christ by faithfully living out the Gospel in word and in deed.

2. CHURCH-DRIVEN - We mobilize congregations and communities of believers to carry out the Great Commission as the people of God gathered and deployed in the city.

3. DISCIPLE-LED - We equip and encourage Christ-followers in all spheres of relationship, ministry and influence with vision, passion and resources.

4. CITY-REACHING - We collaborate with Christian leaders and city influencers to discern the city's needs and work from a posture of humility to demonstrate Christ’s redemptive power.

5. KINGDOM-REALIZING - We serve to mediate the presence of God in the world and the influence of God manifested in the various domains of culture for human flourishing.

GOSPEL VALUES (Acts 2:42-47) 

We affirm a Gospel community that is guided by the whole counsel of God and consistent with the lived-out convictions of the early church, which prioritizes: 


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