As you and your ministries are in the throws of prayer, conversation, and action regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we wanted to open the door to you in three ways:

  1. We wanted to put some credible (and local) resources before you. 

  2. We want to work with you to create actionable ways the body of Christ can step into this national issue to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

  3. We want to encourage you.


Catalyst has the privilege to work with churches, para-churches, and marketplace leadership all across central Ohio. Our efforts have brought us together in many ways to ask, “what we can do together to further the gospel in Columbus?” With the Coronavirus impact and in line with our civic authorities, we believe this is a time where the Church of Columbus can rise up to serve those most vulnerable and love our neighbors as Christ has loved us. Here are some credible resources for Central Ohio:

* Website with resources for churches and

faith-based non-profits

* put together by The Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Humanitarian Disaster Institute, and The Peace Plan

* Citizens for Christian Values will host a weekly conference call with Dr. Michele Reynolds of the Governor’s office every Friday at 10 am.

* PDF document on COVID  loans

for small businesses

* CDC Guidelines for religious groups

(current status "minimal to moderate")

* CDC Guidelines

For resources regarding faith-based organizations


Every Wednesday at 10:00 am Catalyst will host a citywide prayer/update call. We will spend 20 minutes in prayer together as the Body of Christ in Columbus. Then we will share updates to help connect ministry needs with resources.

 Dial: +16465588656,,159660250#



Actionable Initiatives

Columbus’ elderly, children, and underresourced families are going to experience the impact deeply and this is the season for the church to think creatively and appropriately to meet the needs that arise. As our team takes the 30,000-foot view of the city, we will continue to gather and share resources and ways your church and ministry can serve your context. Three immediate needs:

  • Creatively provide for children who are not receiving free or reduced lunches, don’t have online access or computers to continue education, etc.

  • Check-in and running errands for the elderly

  • Support local businesses who are making ends meet​



Columbus City Schools

  • 13 Columbus City School locations serving breakfast and lunch for students

Website: Click here to get connected and serve


Point App Volunteer Opportunities

  • Use an app called "Point" to find daily opportunities to serve in your area of Columbus

  • Sign up for the events you'd like to volunteer at

Download the App:


Columbus Dream Center

  • To Go Breakfast for the Homeless | Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • To Go Dinner for the Homeless | Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday




Shiloh Christian Center (Downtown Columbus)

  • Continuing outreach, feeding service


Phone: 614-914-8406


Lower Lights Christian Health Center (Westside)

  • Continuing regular feeding programs call for details



Phone: 614-274-1455


J. Jireh Development Corp.

  • Continuing outreach in the community


Phone: 614-804-3261


Stowe Mission (Southside)

  • To Go Lunches Monday-Friday 11:00am-12:30pm



Phone: 614-445-8400


W.A.R.M. (Westerville)

  • Continuing regular feeding programs. Must call for an appointment



Phone: 614-899-1042

Not many expected our days and weeks to be thrown off completely and this disorienting reality may stir a lot of fear. But as Christians, we are are a community that responds to these times with prayer and faith in Christ, rather than worry and fear. (Matt. 6:33–34; Phil. 4:6). Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 that, “The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57 But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 15:55–57)


Remind yourself of Christ’s victory, as your anxiety rises because your plans are breaking up, as your fear rises because you watched the news, as your worry increases because your church is not meeting Sunday. This is not time to fear, but to respond in the way of Jesus.

What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Coronavirus

We, at Catalyst for Columbus, are here to serve you. If you are aware of other community resources, please contact or