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  • Respective callings fueling our collective calling


  • Energy given towards shared clarity of vision

  • Internal trust in prioritizing the common good

  • Deeply value ONEness - we support one another - in spite of calling see greater vision come alongside

  • Clarity, alignment & strategy - in way we can see and follow and work toward

  • Personal renewal - unless the LORD builds the house we build in vain. This precedes corporate revival

  • People of the WORD in prayer for the leading of the LORD in our city

  • Commitment for the long haul - a calling not a job - even when it gets tough we stick/walk together - no plan B. Jesus invited the disciples come and die with Him

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  • Clarity and agreement of vision - know where we are supposed to be going

  • Must know the distinctions w/in team or step on each other's toes

  • Accountability and humility - not a hammer

  • Capacity to self-lead - trust that with character 

  • Common vision - fleshing out our "I see's" to our "we see's"

  • Spirit-led - being good listeners to God and toward each other

  • Sacrificial commitment

  • Gospel-centered

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  • Alignment with our mission and with one another

  • Trust

  • Innovation - how do our work

  • Vision-driven - here to see a gospel city movement - shape decisions/conversations

  • Spirit-Led - needs to be intentional

  • Alignment  - constantly think of labels put on us i.e. "make it happen" are we doing FOR COLUMBUS or Catalyst

  • Trust - time together - COVID not helping - not just talking shop and work but sharing life together

  • Hungry - to see God at work

  • Theologically GOSPEL-CENTERED